Wedding ceremony

We are giving eternity to the life of a flower. We believe life is the beating of the globe into our hearts. We are decorating the green moments of the

Make the most memorable day of your life eternal with us! By our journalistic photography and artistic video shooting, we make this night lasting forever, in our Rose Palace Complex.

I grant you my songs and music and invite you to the silence of the blossoms which are turning into fruits. Make your happy moments in our Rose Palace complex.

End of each departure is arrival and now we have arrived to a point from which we are beginning a new start . Let us prepare and decorate your wedding

I am travelling with love to the highest tops of loving and keep on staying in such lighting beauty ! Lighting and special effects in Rose Palace Complex.

I saw you so much delighted when you were playing with fire. So I put fire on myself. Now come and see if you wish to find yourself in the

We should pass from this foggy atmosphere! Performance and creation of a Romantic space in Rose Palace Complex.

Love is not standing along each other under the rain!!! Love is when one becomes an umbrella for the other and when the other one does not understand why he

Love was the pretext to begin, begin of the prettiest morning of our life… Love is a green pretext for a joint existence… and now it is time to join

Our subsistence avails by the arrival of our guests , from the hidden table. Our host is anyone who becomes our guest. Supply and design of Cake Table in Rose

Secret of thanks is in our smiles and a smile for appreciation is so pretty. This gift is for my thanks to you. Unique gifts in Rose Palace Complex.